Scandicin kilpailu #ScandicToGoNYC

Hello Scandic,

this is my application to #ScandicToGoNYC

I’m a 2nd year journalist student, who loves sports, travelling and meeting new people. I made my long-term dream true when I visited New York last May for the first time of my life. I enjoyed meeting friendly people, exploring the architecture, eating one dollar pizza slices and going to musicals, stand-up-clubs, ballet and street festivals.

I love taking naps, observing city life and yoga.

I’m very active Facebook user (with 1008 contacts). I also post on Twitter and Instagram.

I have skills for video-making and I’m a decent photographer.

I’d be happy to take a short break in studies and explore NYC again <3

Choose me a winner and you won't get dissapointed.

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